Everyday Taxis

Our fleet comprises of approx. 300 vehicles which are a combination of private hire and hackney carriage taxis. These range from low saloon cars to multi seater vehicles that can carry from 5 up to 8 passengers.

Below you can find the differences between the two types of taxis and how best to go about hiring the right type of taxi for your journey.

Hackney Carriages

How to recognise a Hackney Carriage

  • they will display a full roof sign with the words ‘Brighton & Hove Taxi’
  • they will be white with aqua-marine bonnets and boots (see picture below)
  • they must display a windscreen badge which shows the vehicle licence number
  • they will display a white square plate, with aqua-marine and black writing, on the rear of each vehicle which shows the taxi licence number
  • the taxi licence number is also on the rear passenger doors by the door handle

How to get a Hackney Carriage

  • they can be hired from taxi ranks
  • they can be hailed on the street
  • they can be booked by telephone or by going to a taxi office
  • they can be booked using freephones at various places in the city
  • most taxi firms have wheelchair accessible vehicles which can be requested


Hackney Carriages can only charge up to the metered rate set by the council for journeys taking place in the city. These will be on display in each vehicle and a meter will calculate the fare. For any other journey the fare is negotiable with the driver before the start of travel. Please see our Fare Information page for further cost information.

Private Hire Vehicles

How to recognise a Private Hire Vehicle

  • they may display a small roof sign with the company telephone number (optional)
  • they can be any colour other than white
  • they must display a windscreen badge which shows the vehicle licence number
  • they must display a council plate which is green with black writing on the rear of the car which shows the vehicle licence number
  • the vehicle number is also on the rear passenger doors by the the door handle

How to get a Private Hire Vehicle

  • they can only be booked by telephone, online or by going to a taxi office
  • they cannot be flagged down and may not be insured for street hiring


Most Private Hire cars have meters set to the same fare as Hackney Carriages for journeys within the city. These will be on display in each vehicle. For all other journeys or where no meter is used, the fare is negotiable with the driver before the start of travel. Please see our prices page for further cost information.

All taxis in Brighton & Hove are licensed by the city council. More information can be found here on their website.

Main taxi ranks in Brighton & Hove

  • Argos – Western Road
  • Brighton & Hove Bus Depot – Lewes Road
  • Brighton General Hospital – Elm Grove
  • Brighton Railway Station – Queens Road
  • Brunswick Place
  • Cannon Place
  • Carden Hill
  • Court Farm Road
  • East Street
  • Floral Clock
  • Hollingbury Park Avenue
  • Hove Railway Station – Goldstone Villas
  • Hove Town Hall – Norton Road
  • Lewes Road – opp. Coldean Lane
  • Marine Parade – by Broad Street
  • Montpelier Crescent
  • Norfolk Road – opp. Norfolk Square
  • North Street
  • Oxford Street
  • Paston Place
  • Patcham Clock Tower – Warmdene Avenue
  • Pool Valley Coach Station – Grand Junction Road
  • Preston Street
  • Queens Park Terrace
  • Queen Square
  • Royal Sussex County Hospital – Paston Place
  • Rutland Gardens
  • St James’ Street
  • St Peters Church – St Peters Place
  • Stanford Avenue
  • The Broadway – Whitehawk
  • The Upper Driver – at the top
  • West Street – outside Pryzm Nightclub
  • Western Street


  • Grand – Kings Road
  • Metropole – Kings Road
  • Old Ship – Kings Road
  • Waterfront – Kings Road

Please note: Only Brighton & Hove Hackney Carriages are licensed to ply for hire on taxi ranks within Brighton & Hove

Taxi Freephones

  • Brighton Centre – Kings Road
  • Brighton Law Courts – Edward Street
  • Co-op – St James’ Street
  • Corn Exchange – Church Street
  • Gala Bingo – Freshfield Road
  • Iceland – London Road
  • Marks & Spencer – Western Road
  • Preston Park Railway Station – Clermont Road
  • Sainsbury’s – Lewes Road
  • Sainsbury’s – West Hove
  • School Clinic – Morley Street
  • Sussex University
  • Dome – Church Street
  • The Lift – Madeira Drive
  • Theatre Royal – New Road
  • Varley Halls of Residence – Coldean Lane
  • Woodvale Crematorium – Bear Road

Be safe – not sorry

All drivers must be wearing a badge showing their licence number and date of expiry. Vehicles and drivers are controlled by very stringent bylaws and licensing conditions.

  1. Do only use Brighton & Hove Licensed Hackney Carriages or Private Hire vehicles in Brighton & Hove
  2. Do telephone a reliable firm or go to a taxi rank
  3. Do sit in the back of the car and fasten your safety belt
  4. Do ask for a vehicle with wheelchair access if it is needed
  5. Do ask for a quote if your journey takes you outside Brighton & Hove
  6. Do ask for a receipt if you think you have been charged too much
  7. Do have small value notes and check your change before leaving the vehicle
  8. Do ask to see the driver’s badge and note the number if you have cause to complain. Also, note the number on the rear passenger door or the back or the car
  9. Do respect the driver and the vehicle you are travelling in
  10. Do not hail cars in the street or get into a car unless you are sure it is a Hackney Carriage or the Private Hire Vehicle you have ordered
  11. Do not get into a vehicle if you are concerned for your safety
  12. Do not engage a car for a long journey unless you are satisfied with the price quoted
  13. Do not offer large value notes
  14. Do not pay more than the fare on the meter. Tips are at your discretion